The Petrosoft Portal puts all the control back into your hands and allows you to manage your business operations from wherever... whenever. From here you can begin the implementation workflow, update and manage your account(s), take advantage of your availability to schedule implementation of your Petrosoft solutions, track shipments, open/manage your tickets and so much more.


Petrosoft specializes in software solutions and hardware for convenience stores, gas stations, and other retailers. We customize software for your back-office, point-of-sale (POS), forecourt and fuel management, loss prevention, foodservice management, invoice processing, and financial management. Please contact us at info@petrosoftinc.com or (412) 306-0640 to learn more.

Our Partners

Petrosoft relies on technology and business partners to create and connect to the retail ecosystem.
From the forecourt to back-office and manufacturers, Petrosoft uses its platform to integrate and optimize industry processes.