The best back office software on the market.

CStoreOffice® is a cloud-based back-office solution designed to increase operational efficiencies and speed up data entry, reconciliation, and forecasting to optimize merchandise, food and fuel sales, as well as margins, inventory shrink, and spoilage. Increase pricing consistency and employee efficiency, maximize sales and eliminate dead inventory by using CStoreOffice®.



Take the guesswork out of inventory control and c-store management with the all-in-one back-office software.

CStoreOffice® is the best-selling web-based software for your c-store or gas station that you can access from any location, any time. Keep critical c-store operations data at your fingertips with detailed reports on cash flow, expenses, and inventory.

CStoreOffice® is your secret weapon to:

  • Automate back-office operations and cut paperwork time by more than 70%.
  • Decrease store theft by up to 75%.
  • Centralize and manage your convenience store price book without manually tracking items.
  • Maintain item-level inventory control.
  • Save hundreds of hours each year on labor costs.

CStoreOffice® is easy to use with quick set-up and free online training so you can master back-office operations in a snap. Plus – The affordable monthly subscription means no hidden costs and no long-term contracts.


Back Office 

Key Features

  • Subscription-based license
  • Sales analytics and forecasting
  • Price book management
  • Buydowns
  • Accounting software integration
  • Point-of-sale integration
  • Mobile apps
  • EDI integration and industry data exchanges
  • Cloud-based fully-hosted solution
  • Item-level inventory
  • Promotions management
  • Lottery management
  • Loyalty rewards program integration
  • Centralized newsfeed and tasks
  • Online and on-site training
  • Invoice processing
  • Over 200 reports
  • Cash register management
  • Vendor management
  • System-based rules
  • Foodservice ordering kiosk integration
  • Centralized data and documents
  • Implementation services



POS systems
Verifone, NCR, Wayne, Bulloch, Gilbarco
Accounting packages
QuickBooks, SAP Business One
Others integrations
Fuel suppliers, Merchandise suppliers, Data suppliers


Stable Internet connection, Site integration network terminal

Questions and Answers

Some common questions about CStoreOffice® Subscription


Maximize turns Maximize margins Maximize sales Increase operational efficiency Increase pricing consistency Increase promotional opportunities Eliminate dead inventory Reduce overstock and out-of-stocks Reduce shrinkage and spoilage Reduce training and support costs Increase employee efficiency Reduce implementation costs and time Reduce manual entries and errors Reduce reconciliation time Reduce reporting cycle time Reduce travel time

What browsers supported by C-Store Office?

Use the most recent versions of the following browsers working with C-Store Office.

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari 10+

What barcode formats are supported by C-Store Office?

The following barcodes are supported and used as Global Item Attributes in the Global Price book:

UPC–A: the 11- or maximum 12-digit UPC code of an item.
UPC–E: the reduced UPC code type E. This is usually 7 digits.

📝 Note
If you have an 8-digit code without the first 0, the first digit shall be dropped. The code can be also 6- digit, without the first and the last numerals.

EAN-13: the 13-digit EAN-13 barcode of the item.
EAN-8: the 8-digit EAN-8 barcode of the item.


Leslie S
Leslie S
We thought we had a good handle on our inventory before CStoreOffice® but now, with a uniform price book, we can keep our pricing consistent across all of our stores and cash registers.
Amber Rench
Amber Rench
I am the price book manager for our company and the CStoreOffice® price book is my favorite feature of the system. It really makes my job so much easier because CStoreOffice® catches every price change on every shift and makes sure that I can see and approve all of them before it updates our registers. I am always confident our pricing at the registers is correct.