Data Processing Subscription - Merchandise Invoice

Processing paper invoices is labor-intensive, but with Petrosoft's invoice processing services, retailers can eliminate paper invoice processing entirely.

Reduce paperwork by 75% Increase item-level accuracy Reduce labor costs How it Works

With data entry services, paper invoices are scanned and/or uploaded by C-Store Office® customers using the Docs Scanner feature. Once uploaded, the invoice line-item data is typed in by a Petrosoft data entry specialist and posted to the customer's digital pending invoices folder. The retailer can then review and approve the pending invoices. After approval and with integration with C-Store Office®, Retail 360® or another back-office solution, inventory and accounting records can automatically be updated with the approved invoice data. This is a C-Store Office® and Retail360® add-on service.

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Invoicing data entry from scanned/uploaded inventory invoices that are then transcribed to an electronic copy to look and function like EDI - completed and billed on an annual basis.

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