No cameras on the network, how to fix it?

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Question: No cameras on the network, how to fix it??
There are many reasons why cameras are not displayed on the network:

- the power cable is off
- the ethernet cable is off
- the switch is frozen

The solution to these problems will be:

- Check power cable
- Check ethernet cable
- Reboot switch

Question: How do we make sure the cameras are offline? (only dc401)
The answer is quite simple. You need to go to the web interface of the LPA product and see the section "devices on the network".

After opening the page, you need to lower it to the bottom and make sure that there are lines with the name of your cameras.

Question: How i can open LPA web interface? (only dc401)
it is quite simple, follow the steps:

1) Open CSO web page in browser
2) Switch product on LPA
3) Click on "Settings" button
4) Click on Station

Question: How do we make sure the cameras are offline? (for all dcbox versions)
for this you need the official free program from the camera manufacturer - "SADPTool".

You can download it on the official website of the hikvizhn camera manufacturer or for this link SADP Tool

Question: How use "SADPTool"? 
It is quite simple. After installing the program on the computer, run it. Click on the refresh button and check device list.  
Check the list of devices and their status



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