Loss Prevention Analytics Subscription

Loss Prevention Analytics ensures theft prevention for your convenience store and gas station through POS transactions and video surveillance.

As the volume of sales increases so do the risks. Prevention, early detection, resolution, and correction are, therefore, vital to reducing these risks. Petrosoft's Loss Prevention Analytics solution provides the knowledge needed and verifiable proof.

With Loss Prevention Analytics, retailers gain access to accurate and timely information that has been historically difficult or impossible to obtain. It provides this information by first automatically combining different sources of information, such as POS transactional and video data. It then analyzes the combined information, sets rules, and produces documentation and reports for prevention, early detection, investigation, and prosecution.


Convenience store theft can cost store owners an average of $24,300 a year per store.

You could be losing even more money, based on the national average of nearly 1.6% of total sales lost each year to theft.

Loss Prevention Analytics combines transaction reporting and video surveillance so you’ll get undeniable video proof of convenience store theft that ties directly to your transactions - like cancels, no-sales, and error corrections.

Get critical details on store theft prevention using Loss Prevention Analytics:

  • Easily identify theft using any internet-connected device, matching your transaction reports with video footage
  • Quickly filter transactions and video footage by date, location, employee, item, event, and type
  • Accurately verify all transaction types, risk events, and employee claims
  • Efficiently utilize reporting to implement theft prevention and early detection measures, identify employee training issues, investigate incidences of theft, and prosecute offenders

Please note that Loss Prevention Analytics® works only for locations which operated by Petrosoft's back-office software: C-Store Office subscription or Retail360. You also required to purchase additional equipment from the list below and Buffalo NAS TS 3210 (sold separately through Amazon).

Iryna M
Iryna M
Loss Prevention Analytics is an amazingly helpful application to learn much more about your store operations than you probably want, as it will show you all critical transactions where owners usually lose money.