What is SmartDesq?

KB01877. SmartDesq cash register by ComData description
Question: What is SmartDesq?
SmartDesq is a cash register by ComData. It is most commonly used at truck stops to process proprietary method of payments like E-Checks, T-Checks, Comdata fleet cards, etc. In most cases a site will have two cash registers; one controlling pumps on the car side of the station and a SmartDesq on the diesel/truck side of the station. Two types of setup are most common:

1. A SmartDesq is used only on proprietary MOP transactions. Everything else is cashed out. Regular credit/debit card transactions run through the main register. In this case a connection to SmartDesq is not needed since some sales will be doubled. The recommended setup is to run all sales through the main register. SmartDesq fuel sales should go to the open Manual Fuel department.

2. A SmartDesq is used on all MOPs. In this case, it should not be set up as a daughter station. Also, all sales information is pulled. Smartdesq is capable of ringing up merchandise sales, but backoffice support is limited and not recommended. Mix and Match promotions currently are not supported. POSConnector is used for communication to SmartDesq. A back-office computer with SmartDesq management software and POSBO utility installed is required. Initial manual configuration of MOPs and departments is required.

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