QwickServe® Order Manager Display

For high turnover industries, such as convenience and foodservice, training staff can be a challenge. QwickServe® Orders Manager can be also used as Kitchen display systems (KDS), and help to create a flawless customer experience by providing employees with a workflow and the information they need to complete orders quickly and accurately.


Create a flawless customer experience when preparing food orders

The QwickServe® Order Manager System can be also used as a Kitchen Display System (KDS), providing your employees with a streamlined workflow and important details to complete customers’ orders quickly and accurately. The system easily integrates with your POS, back-office, and loyalty systems.

Reduce food service staff training time in your convenience store or retail store

Upload ingredients, preparation steps, and specific cooking times ahead of time using the touch screen, making it easy for your new hires to understand and fulfill each food order accurately and consistently. Cut down on order preparation time and employee distractions to ensure your customers are satisfied every time.

Product Features

Quad Core ARM A9
Operating System
Android 4.2
15.6″ TFT(1366*768)


+12V DC adaptor
Collette Hutchings
Collette Hutchings
This display made it easier for our cooks to process food orders quickly and effectively. It gives them detailed orders so they can be more efficient. We had some trouble integrating it with our POS but Petrosoft quickly resolved it. Overall a great product!

Key Features

  • Tabletop; screen size is 15.6 inches diagonal; screen resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Includes 12V DC adapter and User Manual
  • Kitchen video display includes built-in process workflows for fast and accurate food order fulfillment
  • Includes 1-year warranty; please contact our customer support within warranty period if you are not satisfied
  • Extra ports provided to connect to external devices, such as a USB drive, power supply, and network cable