Four Bill / Five Coin Cash Drawer

Made of heavy gauge steel, suitable for heavy duty use and prolonged operational life, the Advantex 0410 cash drawer is the ideal reliable choice for any POS terminal. The adjustable and removable note and coin tray with metal wire grippers makes it compatible worldwide. The compact footprint of this cash drawer is ideal for smaller counter spaces.

This cash drawer is compatible with the SmartPOS product line.


Choose the most reliable cash register drawer to connect to your retail POS terminal and receipt or thermal printer

The Advantex 0410 cash register drawer is made of heavy-duty gauge steel, and its durability has been tested in over 1 million transactions, so you can rely on your cash drawer to work hard for you every day without breaking down.

Physical specifications

410(W) x 420(D) x 100(H)
Louie Sears
Louie Sears
I work on register every day at my store and this cash drawer is easy to use and very helpful. It has a removable note and coin tray which makes it very easy to count the drawer at the end of the night. It is small enough to easily connect to our register and is very secure and durable.