QwickServe® Growth Subscription

The end-to-end food automation solution for your quick service restaurant

Petrosoft’s end-to-end foodservice solution for your convenience store, gas station, or quick service restaurant is fully automated. The affordable QwickServe® Growth subscription automates your foodservice management , from order placement, to payment, food preparation, and order pick-up. Use the QwickServe® Growth subscription with any Android™ tablet device.


Convenience store food service accounts for more than 50% of your gross profit margin.

Can you afford to lose money by waiting to automate?


Gear up for QwickServe® food service automation, and position yourself perfectly for success:

  • Increase your profits by 30% or more, eliminating spoilage and waste – no overstocks or understocks
  • Automate order placement and fulfillment to reduce errors, ensure timely delivery to customers, and maximize revenue
  • Streamline operations and reduce inventory costs with customized menus, recipes, and ingredients
  • Protect your customers and employees with contactless ordering and curbside pickup
  • Improve order accuracy and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

QwickServe® Simplifies Your Food Service Management:

  • QwickServe® automates food service if you have one location, or many locations
  • Accurately process food orders using customized menus, recipes, and ingredients
  • Automate customer orders and payments with QwickServe®’s Ordering Terminal or Mobile App
  • Streamline order processing accuracy with the QwickServe® Order Manager
  • Quickly review orders and process payments
  • Increase your profit margin, improve productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction
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Key Features

  • Works with a variety of Android™ tablets
  • Generate sales reports through a Google Analytics account
  • Quickly process orders – view multiple or individual orders
  • Build your first menu item in minutes with customized templates
  • Include your location in the mobile app so customers can find you
  • Customize ordering options so customers can choose their own toppings and condiments
  • Quickly review orders and process payments
  • Promote specialty menu items or free drinks with orders using built-in promos
  • Provides complete visibility of all menu items and ingredients used