QwickServe® Pro Subscription

QwickServe® foodservice management software delivers a customized, fully automated retail experience at every consumer touchpoint

QwickServe® automates and streamlines customers’ orders and payments, order processing, and pick-up. Speed up foodservice management, increase customer satisfaction, and boost your profit margin. QwickServe® easily integrates with your point-of-sale (POS) software and Petrosoft’s CStoreOffice® back-office software. The QwickServe® Mobile App makes orders and payments easy and fast for customers.


QwickServe® automates customer ordering with an ordering kiosk and QwickServe® Mobile App. You will streamline order processing with a kitchen display unit to ensure every order is accurate and on time.

Petrosoft’s team builds your food menus, recipes, and ingredients for one location or multiple locations. QwickServe® then tracks how quickly you use ingredients and the most popular menu items sold.

Bottom line: The inventory and sales interface predicts how much inventory you will need each week for menu items so you order only what you need and avoid spoilage and waste.

Boost sales, accuracy, and customer satisfaction with QwickServe® food service automation:

  • Integrate with your convenience store POS and back-office system
  • Maintain pricing consistency across multiple locations
  • Remotely change pricing for items in specific locations using any mobile device
  • Analyze shift reports and reports on gross profits, sales, reconciliation, and many more
Offering made-to-order food through QwickServe has helped us to rise above the curve while others in the industry have declined in certain sales categories. QwickServe allows us to appeal to a larger variety of customers, providing delicious, affordable food for everyone who walks through our doors. We would recommend Qwickserve to anyone in the industry!